Avast Sandbox main features

Avast Sandbox Main Features

When working on a PC, we run and download a lot of files. This causes malicious software and viruses to enter the system. How to protect yourself from this? The Sandbox will help in this case. This is a good way to get rid of ads, toolbars, and malicious software. Let’s take a closer look at Avast Sandbox main features.

What is Avast Sandbox?

Avast Sandbox is a modern software module that allows you to run any application in a strictly isolated environment. It detects all suspicious components of sites and individual pages, offering the user to open them in a virtual space so that the personal PC remains completely safe. This function is available in updated versions of the antivirus for free.

Sandboxes are usually used to launch unverified codes from unknown or suspicious sources, as a method of proactive protection against infected media. The ability to view all the necessary information on the public network does not allow spyware and various Trojans to get inside your operating system.

In addition to viewing the necessary information, this innovation can run suspicious or dangerous programs in a virtual environment, again, without the participation of your system, thereby protecting your computer from infection. It does not come into contact with the OS at all. This feature allows you to block unknown utilities and, at the same time, guarantee complete protection against various viral manipulations, which are likely to open infected programs and launch Trojans.

Using Sandbox makes it possible to visit any potentially dangerous resource without harming the operating system. You can also try to remove viruses from the infected program so that they can be used as usual.

So, the main areas of use of the Sandbox are:

  • Checking dangerous and unfamiliar programs
  • Tracking program actions
  • Safe internet surfing

The main disadvantage is that only the paid version of the antivirus program is equipped with a sandbox. Avast Antivirus Free lacks this option. And this is another reason to purchase a license.

Key features

Avast Sandbox comprises the following functions:

  • in addition to global settings, it is also possible to change the parameters of the sandbox itself. As well as general, it is recommended to leave these settings by default;
  • the sandbox program supports the creation of several separate sandboxes, and in each of them you can run multiple applications;
  • programs running in the same sandbox can freely exchange data, but applications from different virtual areas will be isolated from each other, as well as from the operating system as a whole. By default, the utility uses one sandbox called “DefaultBox”;
  • the sandbox allows you to run with different profiles even applications that normally do not allow creating copies in memory;
  • the solution includes setting up user accounts, automatically shutting down programs, determining the mode of any application running on Windows, and a few other options;
  • the utility is lightweight, consumes a minimum of system resources, and does not interfere with the work of other applications at all, minimizing if necessary to the system tray;
  • it allows you to use trial programs forever. For example, you can use any program that has a limited term for free use: every time you run the program in the sandbox, you can get a reset of the trial program.