Avast vs Norton

Avast vs Norton

To precede various irruptions into your PC, you must install at least the simplest antivirus, which will not particularly strongly affect the operation of the system and third-party programs. Let’s take a look at which antivirus is the fastest and does not load the system: Avast vs Norton.

How to choose antivirus program: main criteria?

It’s no secret that nowadays information is much more important than its carriers. And if different corporations and entrepreneurs are more concerned with preventing information leaks, the home user needs stable computer operation and data security. Both of these components can be strongly influenced by viruses of different types. Thus, t is already difficult to imagine the operating system without an antivirus installed. Many users may start by installing broken versions of paid products, but end up with performance issues, upgrades, and other disadvantages of unlicensed software that can infect their computer. Eventually, you decide to buy a licensed product, and you are faced with the question «Which antivirus is better? Which to choose?»

The first thing to consider is how you use your computer and how high the performance of your computer is. There are the following criteria:

  • there are two kinds of antivirus programs: the security package (a complete package with additional security features such as firewall, spam filtering and anti-spyware programs) and standalone antivirus program;
  • antivirus security packages are more expensive than standalone packages;
  • for non-commercial use, there are a number of free antivirus programs;
  • choose antivirus from reputable companies, as you will have the opportunity to update the software;
  • Pay attention to the interface and technical support.

Norton vs Avast – the undoubted benefits of a product from Symantec

When it comes to antivirus software, the main issue that worries all end users is the effectiveness of the product in the fight against malicious code. The second issue is the functionality of the product.

Avast or Norton – which is better? It is difficult to choose, as both products are fully functional and reliable. But, according to experts, this “battle” is won by Norton, as Avast is inferior to him in some positions:

  • Norton involves innovative, dynamic technologies. For example, such a utility as the behavioral analyzer SONAR 2, Avast cannot boast of such a level of protection yet.
  • According to the test results, Norton coped with all threats and attacks faster than Avast.
  • Norton has a new antivirus engine – 80% cloudy, which provides real-time detection of malicious programs, fundamentally changing the way traditional file protection.
  • The best intrusion prevention system (IPS) in Norton Security lets regular ping messages pass through.

So, both security solutions received top marks for their speed of detection, but the extra features really make each one stand out.

Norton protects you from a wide variety of malware, including ransomware and phishing attacks. Avast offers a website inspector and password storage. They also offer a unique protocol for webcam protection that prevents hackers from gaining access to your camera. Avast also offers a broader range of security packages, so you can choose the features you want. Besides, the main benefit of the Avast solution is that it is free.