Malwarebytes Security review

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With the development of information technology, the issue of ensuring the protection of personal data becomes especially important. Thus, the antivirus programs are required to use. In this article, we will conduct Malwarebytes Security review.

Malwarebytes – a good alternative of antivirus software

Malwarebytes has evolved from a narrowly focused malware search tool into a full-fledged antivirus with a full suite of powerful features. It is one of the best antiviruses capable of eliminating all types of malware and maintaining a decent level of protection against viruses.

This tool is one of the safest and most reliable antivirus programs out there. Since Malwarebytes Corporation released this product in 2006, it has received over 500 million users.

Malwarebytes is a service that replaces antivirus. Its advantage is that it neutralizes cyber threats in real time before they occur. The system uses advanced technologies that work at several levels:

  • Artificial intelligence detects anomalies;
  • Behavior profiles are matched;
  • Enhances application protection.

Hence, the way Malwarebytes works is very different from a regular antivirus. The service stops malicious software and hackers while cleaning the infected computer. As a result, Malwarebytes’ technology has been awarded the highest rating by the IT Security Institute, which evaluates the effectiveness of cleaning an infected system.

The service can be used for both home and business. The program is available in a free version with incomplete features. There is an option to purchase the paid version, in which the following options are available:

  • RAM scan;
  • Scanning startup objects;
  • Using a security module located in RAM.

Malwarebytes has three types of scans:

  • Search for threats.
  • Custom scan.
  • Hyper scanning.

These parameters allow you to determine how complex scanning you need for your device.


The service is available in 36 languages. It includes:

  • Special utilities for rootkits – hacking tools dangerous for a computer;
  • Malicious site blocker
  • Anti-spyware module.

While talking about the features of Malwarebytes, there are several new options to be found. Here are some of them:

  • It is very easy to use, from installation and configuration to threat elimination.
  • Scan Schedule: it runs every 24 hours but you have the possibility to change and set the specific time. This is for Premium users only.
  • Universal Security Screen: This means you no longer need separate anti-ransomware, antivirus, and rootkits. You can enable this feature directly from Settings> Security> Scan Settings.
  • The scheduler is another benefit for Pro users who have real-time protection. It will allow you to perform updates and checks at the most convenient time for you, without loading the system.
  • Real-time protection: the software provides this capability to help you in real-time.
  • The software provides additional protection against ransomware and ad blocking through a browser extension. The extension freezes malicious sites and excludes you from visiting fraudful sites. The extension also claims that it speeds up the browser “4 times” by blocking ads.
  • If Malwarebytes detects potentially harmful files, you can move them to the quarantine. You can hold on to the files until you decide to restore or delete them.
  • the FileAssasin tool will allow you to remove locked files, which is very useful for removing malware stuck in the system;